Portable Molecular Biology Instruments

Do PCR and Isothermal PCR where the sample is.

Collect actionable data at the source of the problem.

Fresh Brain and Neuronal Tissues

Speed up your neuroscience projects.

Reduce waste by using only the tissue that you need.

Protein Purification Columns and Resins

Size Exclusion Columns and Free Resin

FPLC Columns with and without resin

Affinity Columns (Protein A, NTA,

Swab and Saliva Collection for DNA

Make sample collection simple and save money

Microplate Readers

Molecular Devices - supplier of microplate readers and microplate-based assays

Integrated DNA Technologies (IDT)

Tools for PCR, qPCR, NGS, CRISPR and Synbio from the world's largest supplier of custom DNA tools

Point of Care Tests for Harmful Microbes

Fast & efficient real-time detection of Superbugs for clinical microbiologists.

From sample to answer in 15 minutes

At You Do Bio, our interest is in bringing great lab technology to scientists. Great tools, together with great minds, make great science possible.

We cover areas such as genomics and molecular biology, protein purification, neuroscience, clinical microbiology and DNA sample collection.

Our aim is to bring together researchers and technology providers who might not otherwise find each other. We believe that giving you the right tools, backed up by our knowledge, allows you to open up new opportunities in your research

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