"I'm stuck in the lab" is no longer a good excuse

Portable laboratory instruments transform how and where you do your work.

Are time-consuming, wasteful dissections slowing down your research?

Get fresh, expertly dissected tissue delivered to your lab instead

Purifying protein from challenging feedstreams?

SMART Chromatography™ could be what you are looking for

Collection of high quality DNA without the "ouch!"

Make sample collection simple and save money

Molecular Devices

The leading supplier of microplate readers and microplate-based assays

Are you using the best oligos? Your experiments depend on it

Tools for PCR, qPCR, NGS, CRISPR and Synbio

Waiting too long to get your microbiology data?

Fast & efficient real-time detection of "Superbugs" for clinical microbiologists - in minutes!

Mini Seminar Series on Gene Editing and CRISPR

May 30th, 2017, 1230-1600, University of Copenhagen

At You Do Bio, our interest is laboratory technology. These are the tools that make a researcher's work possible. Here you will find a portfolio of tools from suppliers around the world.

We cover areas such as genomics and molecular biology, protein purification, neuroscience, clinical microbiology and DNA sample collection.

We aim to bring together researchers and technology providers who might not otherwise meet each other. By doing that, we help you reach your goals.

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