07/05/12: Latest Version of Agilent’s SureFish Catalog Now Available

For all users of the fluorescent in situ hybridization (FISH) technique, did you know that Agilent has now launched their own product in this area, SureFISH? I used to work with customers doing FISH, back in the days when I was with Molecular Probes (now part of Life Technologies) and also when Exiqon got into the miRNA business by demonstrating that ISH could be done with LNA-based probes.

Anyway, that is just my “old-timer” talk. My reason for posting this is to point you in the direction of the latest version of the SureFISH catalog, so you can see what is on offer.

Now, I realise that if you are doing FISH in your lab already, particularly in a clinical setting, you are probably quite happy with what you’ve got. You wouldn’t be using it if it didn’t work, would you? However – here comes the sales pitch – SureFISH offers a number of key advantages compared to what you are most likely currently using:

  • Resolution: <30Kb, compared to >100Kb in many cases.
  • Fast delivery
  • Provides FISH QC for both interphase and metaphase at two different hybridization times
  • Very comprehensive (and growing) selection of gene targets
  • Price competitive (make an account with Agilent or just contact me to learn how much)


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