13/10/10: IDT has exclusive deal with 454 to Provide Custom Primers for Genome Sequencer Range

The purpose of this deal is to provide high quality custom primers for the GS FLX Titanium Chemistry, used on the GS FLX System and GS Junior System. The primers are available as FusionPrimers or Rapid Library MID (Molecular Identification) Adaptor Oligos. Typically, they would be used for amplicon or shotgun sequencing.

If you are doing sequencing on Roche NGS instruments, you will be interested in the IDT design tool for primers. This unique software enables you to create specific primers to target individual or multiple exons from one or more genes.

The background to this is that IDT provides very high quality oligonucleotides. These 454 primers are HPLC-purified and their very high purity minimizes the risk of mis-priming events due to truncations and other errors that may compromise sequencing data quality.

The full press release about this deal is available here.

If you are interested and want to learn more, please contact You Do Bio.

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