18/02/13: Special Promotion on Palm PCR Instruments

Learn More About the Palm PCR Instrument

Ahram Biosystems, the inventors of the Palm PCR have done an incredible job in reducing the price of the instrument, so that I am able to make a special price offer to anyone who wants to purchase an instrument. And yes, you can try it out first!

For those who don’t know, the Palm PCR  is probably one of the coolest instruments currently available to life scientists. However, like many new technologies, it seems to be a product in search of an application. So far, less than a handful of researchers have tried the instrument out, or have discussed applications with me, which is somewhat disappointing. I always thought scientists were meant to be curious and pushing the boundaries. Here is a device that allows the user to run a PCR at the same spot that a test sample is located. There are possibilities for detecting the product of the PCR reaction on-site too. Isn’t that interesting to someone?

Check out this video to see the Palm PCR in action.

2 Responses to “18/02/13: Special Promotion on Palm PCR Instruments

  • Dear Sir/Mdm,
    We are interested in the Palm PCR and would like to know its price.
    Kind regards, Aart van Amerongen
    Biomolecular Sensing & Diagnostics
    Wageningen UR Food & Biobased Research

  • May you please tell me the prices of the protable PCR?.