22/02/13: When You Need to Customize PCR/qPCR Primer Designs – Free Webinar

Red-haired scientist typing a report with her computer

This is notification of a new webinar from IDT:

When You Need to Customize PCR/qPCR Primer Designs

It is often necessary to select primers using specific parameters; e.g., a particular GC content or Tm, forcing the start or stop position of a primer end. However, not all primer design tools provide this flexibility. In this interactive webinar, we will demonstrate several primer customization scenarios using the free, highly popular PrimerQuest™ Design Tool, including:

• When to use default design parameters, and when to customize assay design
• How to design primers for one, two, or up to 50 sequences at a time
• How to approach specific customized design scenarios suggested by and voted on by participants of this webinar

Tuesday, February 26th – 7:00pm CST
Wednesday, February 27th – 8:00am CST (This is the best one for European-based researchers)
Wednesday, February 27th – 1:00pm CST

This webinar could be interesting to researchers who have been using IDT’s PrimerQuest, as this has been updated.

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