25/01/12: IDT Launch gBlocks, a Revolutionary New Approach to Gene Synthesis & Alternative to Cloning

I am sooo excited about this new product from IDT. By making genes more affordable, while significantly increasing the speed of delivery, IDT are making synthetic genes more accessible to labs than they have been before.

In short, gBlocks™ Gene Fragments are double-stranded, sequence-verified DNA blocks up to 500 bp in length that can be shipped in 3–4 working days. You define the sequence. Prices are great (EUR 89/DKK 662/ SEK 787), which makes them a realistic alternative to cloning. Users can simply order individual gBlocks, assemble them and drop them straight into their favourite vector.

Anyway, enough from me. If you want to learn some more, please visit the IDT website and try them out!

Update, 27th January:

There are several resources on isothermal assembly, which is one of the recommended methods by which gBlocks can be used to create larger gene fragments. Here is the protocol on the Megason Lab wiki page. The page also contains a link to the original Nature Methods paper, describing the technique.

I wonder if it is just a matter of time before a commercial kit comes out for this…

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