25/10/13: Are You Interested in Working for You Do Bio?

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After five years of running You Do Bio by myself, I am ready to take the terrifying step of employing someone to help me grow the business. There are lots of routes this job could potentially end up following, depending upon the qualities of the successful candidate, but the job as I currently envisage it is described below.  Please read on if you are interested…

Job: Life Science Telemarketeer


  • Part-time (4-6 hours / week initially)
  • Flexible working hours
  • Work from home
  • Background in molecular biology / biotechnology / genomics required
  • Ability to learn and communicate about methods in the Life Science field
  • Danish and English speaking preferred
  • Self-employed, working as “consulent / consultant”

Job Description

You Do Bio, headquartered in Denmark, is looking for someone help grow the company’s business. To accomplish this task, someone is needed who is willing to phone up different laboratories in Denmark and interview researchers to assess them as potential customers for the products represented in You Do Bio’s portfolio.  It is important that you are able to understand the work of the laboratories and the techniques they are using.

I’m expecting this job to involve 4-6 hours per week. You will be able to work from home, or wherever you will be able to use the phone peacefully for sufficient time periods. Knowledge of biochemistry and related fields (molecular biology, biotechnology, genomics) is important so that you have some understanding of You Do Bio’s product offerings and can understand what the potential customers are doing.

You should also have spent some time working in a laboratory, so that you can relate to the customer’s working environment and understand the basic set-up that a laboratory has in terms of equipment.


Since the job will involve speaking to all levels of worker in Danish laboratories, the ability to speak Danish is preferred. A good understanding of English is also essential, since most of the product- and science-related material is in English.

You should feel comfortable with calling up scientists and discussing their work and the techniques they use in their laboratories. The idea is to hold a conversation with the customer.

 A telephone and Bluetooth headset will be provided.

You will be expected to set yourself up as a business to which You Do Bio will pay you for the time spent phoning customers, compiling reports and other aspect of the job.

The job will fit anyone with the relevant background who is looking for part-time work, or an introduction to the Life Science job market while studying. If you are interested in the commercial side of Life Sciences and are also interested in expanding your network, then this could be the job for you. Since You Do Bio is currently a one-man company, you get a real opportunity to make a big impact on the growth of the business.

Contact Peter Roberts at You Do Bio to discuss more details if you are interested.

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