BrainBits provides fresh, micro-surgically dissected, live brain tissues and essential growth media. Samples can be cultured when they arrive in your lab.





What Customers Say

“Those are really high quality dissections. I’ve never been able to get them that good.”

How to order

Go directly to the BrainBits homepage relevant to your location. Let us know if you need assistance.

Who Can Use BrainBits?

Those working in  in the fields of neuroscience, pharmacology, or biotechnology who need access to rat and mouse neuronal tissues and cells, but don’t have access to an animal laboratory, or only need a specific tissue.

Why should you use BrainBits?

  • You are working on projects that require only specific  mouse or rat neuronal tissue/cells.
  • The scale of your project requires more dissection than you can handle.
  • You lack space in your vivarium.
  • You are concerned about the 3Rs, particularly Reduction (using less animals)
  • You need tisse of consistent quality in a time-frame that suits you.

How to get free samples/discounts

We can provide samples in many cases. You need to really see the quality of BrainBits’ products.

Free Sample Request Form


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