EMP Biotech

EMP BiotechEMP Biotech is based in Berlin, Germany, and manufacture a multitude of high quality products for use in all aspects of the Life Sciences. You can check out EMP’s website of course, but below is a highlight of their product range:

  • Purification media and columns for protein purification
  • Purification media and columns for DNA purification
  • Protein labeling kits
  • Fine chemicals for molecular biology

In my experience, customers really like the EMP purification columns for both protein and DNA purification. Because EMP manufactures everything themselves, they have a high degree of flexibility in scale (everything from spin columns to truckload quantities). You’d expect a German company to produce stuff in high quality and that is exactly what EMP does. Furthermore, you will be pleasantly surprised at their prices.

The other secret of EMP’s success is their hands-on experience. If you have a protein purification “issue,” I’m confident EMP can help.

In short, if you are working in the area of protein or DNA purification – from lab scale to industrial scale – drop You Do Bio a line.

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