Integrated DNA Technologies, often referred to as IDT, provides tools based around the production of high-quality oligos, such as:

  • PCR primers
  • Ultra-long primers
  • Synthetic genes
  • qPCR assays
  • NGS blockers and capture oligos


Not a lot of people know

IDT is the world’s largest supplier of DNA oligonucleotides. There is a reason for this (hint: they are really good at what they do).

How to order

Go directly to IDT’s homepage. Let us know if you need assistance.

How to get free samples/discounts

We cannot promise, but you are welcome to ask. Contact You Do Bio using the contact form below.

Who Can Use IDT?

Anyone working with custom DNA or RNA oligonucleotides in their work. Moving beyond primers for PCR, oligonucleotides are used for: genotyping, gene expression, synthetic biology, genome editing and next generation sequencing. Every successful experiment in molecular biology starts with good oligos.

Why should you use IDT?

  • They know oligos like no other company. Just look at the range of tools they offer to scientists in this regard.
  • Quality: An over-used term, but IDT sets the standard for the use of quality control in the production of oligonucleotides. Much copied, never beaten, IDT take care of this so that you don’t have to worry about it.
  • Innovation: IDT has pushed oligo science hard, resulting in such innovations as Ultramers (very long oligos), gBlocks (synthetic genes), double-quenched probes for qPCR and great tools for NGS.


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