Molecular Devices

Molecular DevicesMy first job in the real world after completing my Ph.D. was to work with 3M Pharmaceuticals on a project to test the effects of having DNase delivered in an aerosol format. I’d just completed my Ph.D., which had a theme of enzymology throughout and this was an interesting project, with a possible high payoff – an inhalation therapy for patients with cystic fibrosis.

Anyhow, I needed a decent microplate reader to run my DNase assays back then (this was 1999-2000). After consulting with various colleagues, they all recommended that I go for a Molecular Devices microplate reader, as “they were just the best.”

That was fifteen years ago. Now, I am very (very) pleased to be able to help support Molecular Devices in their efforts to bring their excellent microplate readers and related products to the attention of researchers in Denmark. If you want to learn some more about Molecular Devices, you should visit their homepage. After that, if you have any questions and wish to learn more about what their technologies can do for your research, please fill in the submission form below: