Ahram Biosystems

Palm PCRTM (G1-12 Portable PCR System) from Ahram Biosystems is a battery-powered, palm-size portable PCR machine. This unprecedented device features a fully portable, standalone thermocycler that can provide high speed and high efficiency PCR amplification in a small handheld format. Its authentic battery-powered automation operation, simple and convenient protocol and high efficiency make it ideal for applications requiring “on-site” PCR.


Palm PCR is powered by a Li+ polymer battery that enables more than 4 hours of continuous operation on a single charge. It can also be operated with AC power using an AC/DC adapter. It is designed to conform to the standard 9 mm spacing well format to use witha  disposable sample tube, specially developed for the Palm PCR system. Nearly all kinds of DNA samples, including human genomic DNA of ≤0.1 ng, can be amplified within 25 or 30 minutes for up to 1 kbp size. The dynamic range can be extended up to 2 kbp using slow protocols.

A video of Palm PCR in action is now available.

You Do Bio has been representing the Palm PCR device since November 2011. It is a new Life Science tool that has not been available before. There are multiple applications that might benefit from the ability to do on-site PCR. Please contact You Do Bio if you wish to discuss applications and try the instrument out (Note: a demo instrument is available to customers in Denmark only).