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Collecting DNA from Saliva

The GeneFix Saliva DNA Collection Device: Your one-stop DNA sampling solution DNA collection is often the first and most crucial step when conducting research and analysis in molecular biology. The quality of your research will depend on your ability to deliver accurate and reliable results, which in turn will require that you use techniques that…

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BFS Molecular and You Do Bio sign distribution agreement

You Do Bio is pleased to announce that it has recently signed an agreement to represent the transplant monitoring company BFS Molecular in Scandinavia. This post gives an overview of the technology available from BFS Molecular. BFS Molecular’s State-of-the-Art Solutions for Post-Transplant Monitoring Graft rejection is a looming threat for patients undergoing transplantation. If rejection…

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Automating 96 Column Gel Filtration

EMP Biotech’s CentriPure P96 Gel Filtration Array consists of 96 x P2 gel filtration columns arranged in the same conformation as a typical 96-well microplate. When a large number of samples need to be treated, the gel filtration array becomes an excellent tool for automated size exclusion (SEC) and desalting of proteins, nucleic acids and…

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