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Can this cordless, battery-powered centrifuge address the challenge of portable DNA extraction?

Being able to do on-site (in-field, point-of-care, near-patient etc.) molecular (DNA-based) analysis is clearly an area of interest to a growing number of scientists. Portable devices, such as Oxford Nanopore’s MinION, and Optigene’s Genie instruments have opened the potential of doing in-field DNA sequencing and LAMP assays respectively. The process is well on it’s way,…

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Canvax™ Resazurin Cell Viability Assay

Resazurin Cell Viability Assay is a Reliable, Sensitive and Easy-to-use Fluorescent Assay that detects Cellular Metabolic Activity. Resazurin (7-Hydroxy3H-phenoxazin-3-one 10-oxide) is a blue dye, which is non-fluorescent until it is irreversibly reduced to the pink colored and highly red fluorescent resorufin by dehydrogenase enzymes in metabolically active cells. Learn more > Advantages and Features Relevant…

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