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About You Do BioMy name is Peter Roberts and I established You Do Bio in 2008. I trained as a researcher in molecular biology/protein chemistry and since then have worked in the industry I like to call the “life science tools biz:” the industry that works on providing instruments, reagents, software and methods that scientists use in their work

I chose the name “You Do Bio” because I want the company to be about “you,” the researcher/scientist, working in the field of biological sciences.

Part of my motivation for founding You Do Bio was the realization that there are many companies that have developed great life science tools, but are unknown to researchers who would benefit from using them. Many researchers are unaware of how the marketing power of large organizations – often combined with restrictive purchase practices, such as tenders and supply agreements – serves to limit their choices.

My mission is simple: You Do Bio serves to bring together researchers and technology providers who might otherwise not meet each other.

For researchers

we show you enabling technologies and provide technical and commercial support. We are your bridge to our suppliers. We make it easy for you to get hold of the technologies we provide, e.g. through demonstrations, access to company specialists, free samples and direct ordering.

We’re here to listen. Use the Contact Us form at the foot of every page to send us comments and questions.

For suppliers

we give you the opportunity to set your footprint into markets in Scandinavia and Germany. We can work either as your agent – allowing customers to order from you directly – or as your distributor.


I have a Ph.D. in Biochemistry and over sixteen years international experience of helping Life Science researchers. I worked for several companies in the life science and biotech field, such as 3M Pharmaceuticals, Molecular Probes, Invitrogen, Exiqon and Febit.

In addition to establishing You Do Bio in 2008, I also co-founded Methyl Detect ApS in 2017, a developer of DNA methylation assays for research.

I’ve always been interested in “cool,” transformative laboratory technology. I hope that you, as a researcher, can take advantage of the technologies I’ve included in the You Do Bio portfolio.