Free TryOut of the GeneFix™ DNA Saliva Collector Free Try Out of the GeneFix™ DNA Saliva Collectors

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You Do Bio is Denmark’s exclusive supplier of GeneFix™ DNA Saliva collectors. We are pleased to offer genomics researchers in Denmark the opportunity to try out this high-quality product.

Simply submit your details and you will receive your free sample of two GeneFix™ Saliva DNA Collectors within 72 hours.

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About the GeneFix™ Saliva DNA Collection Device

Free TryOut of the GeneFix™ DNA Saliva Collector

GeneFix™ is an easy to use DNA saliva collection device that stabilizes DNA long term in 2ml or 1ml saliva samples. The device is fully specified for sample transport and storage.

Perfect for small or large population studies, the GeneFix™ kits enable self-collection by subjects. The stabilization buffer ensures that samples can be sent by regular mail at ambient temperature.

Get up to 200 ng/µl of high quality DNA, suitable for sequencing, genotyping, or other molecular biology procedures.


Technical Support

The GeneFix™ Saliva DNA Collection Device is a Great Solution for collecting DNA from subjects

Economic, easy to use integrated DNA stabilization buffer

Unique funnel design prevents spillages or buffer flow back

DNA stabilized at room temperature for at least 60+ months

Suitable for field, home use and clinic-based sampling

Collection tube specified to 95kPa for leak proof mailing

1D and 2D printed codes with auto de-capping capability

What Other Researchers Say:

“Saliva DNA collected and purified through the GeneFix product line is suitable for novel and demanding downstream applications such as aCGH”

– Conclusions of study carried out with Sarah Smith, Merseyside & Cheshire Regional Genetics Laboratories Liverpool Women’s NHS Foundation Trust.

Free TryOut of the GeneFix™ DNA Saliva Collector

“DNA stabilised and isolated with GeneFix collectors and kits is of high quality and suitable for demanding downstream applications. GeneFix product range offers an effective, non-invasive and convenient way of isolating pure DNA samples from human patients without sacrificing sample quality.”

– Conclusions of study carried out with Charles Curtis, and the Genomics & Biomarkers Theme, NIHR BRC for Mental Health, MRC SGDP Centre, Institute of Psychiatry and SLaM NHS Trust, King’s College London

Free TryOut of the GeneFix™ DNA Saliva Collector

“Saliva samples collected in the GeneFix device can also be processed into high-quality DNA using various manual DNA extraction methods. DNA samples have been analysed using the Multiplex Ligation Probe Amplification (MLPA) assay which is very sensitive to DNA quality.”

– Conclusions of study carried out with Dr. David Gokhale Molecular Geneticist Merseyside & Cheshire Regional Genetics Laboratories Liverpool Women’s NHS Foundation Trust

Free TryOut of the GeneFix™ DNA Saliva Collector

About You Do Bio


You Do Bio is a Danish laboratory supplier, established in 2008. We provide many specialized laboratory tools to research labs in universities, hospitals, public laboratories and commercial labs.

The founder of You Do Bio, Peter Roberts, has a PhD in biochemistry and has over 18 years experience of serving the needs of researchers. He has experience with major life science companies, including Agilent, Invitrogen (now ThermoFisher), Exiqon (now Qiagen), IDT, Horizon Discovery, and more.

As Denmark’s local supplier of the GeneFix™ DNA Saliva collectors we offer fast shipping, competitive pricing and local technical support.

We hope you take advantage of this offer to try out the GeneFix™ DNA saliva collectors while it lasts.

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