Cell3 Direct: Fetal Sex Determination, low profile 96 well QPCR plate (13 samples)

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Cell3 Direct: Fetal Sex Determination, low profile 96 well QPCR plate (13 samples)

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Save Time and Reduce Cost
With no cfDNA extraction required, it takes under 3 hours from sample receipt to result.
Less Material Required
Uses less than 0.25ml of plasma sample, leaving plenty of sample left for further tests.
Fully Validated
Validated kit and flexible format to fit with laboratory processing. Multiple targeted approach to provide intra assay concordance.
Robust and Accurate Reporting
96 well formatting within a break-apart plate allows for testing of up to 13 samples per kit. Validated protocol ensures accurate reporting of findings.

Improving Patient Pathways
Utilizing circulating cell free fetal DNA (cffDNA), which can be detected in maternal plasma from early in gestation, and through the use of our proprietary Cell3™ amplification technology the Cell3™ Direct Fetal Sex Determination kit accurately reports fetal sex early in pregnancy without the need for invasive procedures.

A New Benchmark in Simplicity
The Cell3™ Direct Fetal Sex Determination Kit is the first commercially available direct from plasma non-invasive prenatal test for fetal sex determination. This kit sets a new benchmark in simplicity of setup with results generated within 3 hours from sample receipt. The protocol offers significantly reduced hands-on time due to no sample extraction requirement and flexible pre-plated assay.”

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