Cell3 Preserver: Whole Blood Stabilization Tube (100x9ml tubes)

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Cell3 Preserver: Whole Blood Stabilization Tube (100x9ml tubes)

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Stabilize Samples for Longer
Stabilizes whole blood for up to 21 days at a wide range of storage temperatures (4°C – 37°C)
Easy to Use
Plastic evacuated tube compatible with standard draw equipment and disposables.
Fully Validated
Validated for use in non-invasive applications, such as NIPT and Liquid Biopsy; and in multiple applications, such as qPCR and NGS.
Seamless Workflow Integration
Barcoded labels allow seamless workflow integration with automation and laboratory management systems.

Designed for Direct-Draw Blood Collection
Cell3TM Preserver tubes consist of sterile, evacuated, polyethylene terephthalate tubes that are designed for direct-draw blood collection. They contain an additive at the correct volume to simultaneously stabilize blood cells and impede coagulation at the time of collection. The stabilizer acts by preserving the nucleated cells (white blood cells) in an intact state until processing and analysis can be performed.

Superior Blood Cell Stability
The Cell3™ Preserver has superior blood cell stability compared with the market leader at over 14 days post blood draw. The Cell3™ Preserver tube has been designed for sample collection and shipment from around the world helping centralized lab facilities. A sample barcode is included to allow LIMS compatibility, sample tracking and to assist high throughput clinical and translational labs.

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