Column (Midi) based DNA Isolation kit processes 5 x 2ml of saliva


Column (Midi) based DNA Isolation kit processes 5 x 2ml of saliva.


The Isohelix GeneFiX™ DNA isolation kits use midi formatted high performance silica spin columns specifically optimized for the purification of DNA from Saliva. The isolated genomic DNA is highly purified with a typical A260/280 ratio above 1.8 and A260/230 above 1.0 with a high molecular DNA weight derived directly from the saliva DNA samples.

The Midi format is used where the whole 2mls of saliva needs to be isolated in a one batch protocol from the GeneFix™ Saliva Collection Device. The DNA produced from these isolation kits are suitable for use in the most demanding of downstream processing applications.


  • High purity genomic DNA with yields in excess of 100µg
  • Fully optimized for saliva samples
  • DNA free from trace PCR inhibitors
  • Designed for both Manual or HT applications
  • No solvent based chemicals required
  • Ideal for the most demanding downstream applications

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