ZETA•SEP FPLC Desalting Columns

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ZetaSep FPLC Desalting Columns, 1 mL bed volume

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For desalting, removal of small molecules, and buffer exchange using
Liquid Chromatography systems
Sample volume 0.02 to 0.3ml. Flow rate 1 to 10 mL/min. Max. Backpressure: 3bar

ZETA•SEP FPLC Desalting Columns are designed for:
• Separating larger biomolecules (i.e. proteins such as antibodies, enzymes or larger nucleic acids) from unwanted smaller molecules.
• Buffer exchange, desalting, removal of low molecular weight contaminants, and reaction terminations.
• Simple, rapid and reproducible separation using a syringe, pump or liquid chromatography system.

The fractionation range for globular proteins is between 1 and 5 kD. The size exclusion cut-off is approximately 5 kD, which ensures efficient separation of proteins/peptides/biomolecules larger than 5 kD from lower molecular weight molecules of less than 1 kD.

ZetaSep Desalting FPLC Columns contain Zetadex-25 Superfine, a beaded composite size-exclusion matrix manufactured by emp Biotech in Berlin-Buch. It exhibits high flow rates, excellent resolution and chemical stability. Buffer and pH effects on resolution are minimal.

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